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Maryland Jodo Frederick Dojo History

The Maryland Jodo Society started as a Frederick County Parks and Recreation class in April of 1998. The group was started by Joe Cieslik who has trained under Quintin Chambers Sensei in Hawaii since 1985. Chambers Sensei trained with Shimizu Sensei in Japan in the early 1960's. Since 2000 Joe Cieslik lives and teaches in Bedford IN and the Frederick class is currently run by Dan Soares. Dan Soares has studied Jodo since 1991 with Nishioka Sensei in Tokyo, Japan and continued with Joe Cieslik under Chambers Sensei upon his return to the US in 1998. The class remains a Frederick County Parks and Recreation class with a minimal fee each term. Instructors receive no compensation. All serious visitors are welcome.

Mugen Dojo History

Chambers Sensei calls his group Mugen Dojo meaning "limitless" in Japanese. His students train in Oahu Hawaii, Bedford Indiana, Lincoln Nebraska, and Frederick MD.

If interested please contact Dan Soares at or cell phone 908-239-7200. Only serious students please.

The Maryland Jodo Society offers classes through the Frederick County Parks and Recreation. Class times and registration are available at