Shinto Muso Ryu  Jodo

Instructor Bios

Quintin Chambers


Quintin Chambers was born in the early 1930’s in London England. After two years in the British Navy, he attended Cambridge University where he graduated in 1959 with a degree in Modern Languages. His interest in martial arts started with Judo in 1954 when in the Navy and continued at university where he was captain of the team. In 1961 he went to Japan on a one-year tutoring contract for a British diplomatic family and ended up staying for 12 years. While in Japan he studied Judo at the Kodokan and also Aikido at the Hombu dojo. Quintin first learned about Jodo from Doug Rodgers, the 1964 Olympian, who referred him to Donn Dreager. On February 11, 1962, Donn introduced Quintin to his Shinto Muso-ryu Jodo teacher, Shimizu Takaji Sensei. Donn Dreager was also instrumental in Quintin’s study of Katori Shinto Ryu with Otake Risuke Sensei which began in 1965.  Quintin traveled with Donn Dreager to research other martial arts in Asia which resulted in multiple publications including:

  • Pentjak-Silat: The Indonesian Fighting Art by Howard Alexander and Quintin Chambers and Donn F. Draeger. Click here to order.
  • Javanese Silat: The Fighting Art of Perisai Diri by Quintin Chambers, Donn F. Draeger. Click here to order.
  • Shantung Black Tiger: A Shaolin Fighting Art of North China by Leo Budiman Prakarsa, Khek Kiong Tjoa, Donn F. Draeger, Quintin T. G. Chambers Click here to order.
  • Stick Fighting: Techniques of Self-Defense (Bushido--The Way of the Warrior) by Masaaki Hatsumi, Quintin Chamber. Click here to order.

Quintin left Japan to teach martial arts in the West and eventually settled in Honolulu Hawaii where he lives, works, and continues to train today.


Steve Foster

Steve Foster started training with Chambers Sensei in 1982 in Hawaii. In 2014, Steve returned to the mainland and continues to work and practice Jodo near Lincoln Nebraska.

Joe Cieslik


Joe Cieslik moved to Oahu, Hawaii and started training in Shinto Muso-ryu with Quintin Chambers Sensei in 1985. Twelve years later he moved to Frederick Maryland where he started a small jodo group in the Spring of 1998. The Frederick Maryland Jodo group continued under Dan Soares when Joe moved to Indiana in late 2000. Joe Cieslik continues to train in jodo with the group he started in Indiana.

Dan Soares


Dan Soares studied Jodo since 1991 under Nishioka Sensei and Mitsuyama Sensei in Tokyo, Japan. Dan continued with Joe Cieslik under Chambers Senesi upon his return to the US in 1998. He currently runs the Maryland Jodo Group.

Brian Hanlon

Brian Hanlon has been training under Joe Cieslik since 1998.

Pat Hanlon

Pat Hanlon has been training under Joe Cieslik since 2000.